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Kitchens have never been more talked about than they are now, as we remain at home and use the area to adapt to a different way of living.

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Must-Try Kitchen Design Trends

Whether you're contemplating a major kitchen redesign or simply a few DIY kitchen modifications to freshen up your space this year, you're definitely wondering about which trends are in and which are out. Today's kitchen designs disregard the usual white or neutral palette in favor of Kitchen Paint Greenville.

This year marks a turning point in kitchen design, from layout to finish. We've put up a list of the top kitchen design trends. Therefore, if you're looking for ideas for your upcoming large kitchen redesign, keep reading.

  1. Consider Going Dark Entirely Over the last decade, white, bright kitchens have been all the rage. Homeowners chose to whitewash everything in place of natural wood cabinetry and dark granite. However, individuals are increasingly gravitating toward the dark side of just about everything.

  2. Incorporate a Dutch Door While many homeowners prefer to remain in their current residence, they are also looking for ways to enhance its functionality. So rather than eliminating your wonderful vintage characteristics, find a way to modernize and include them in your design.

  3. Make Backsplash Adjustments This year, you may also anticipate a change in the aesthetics of backsplashes. If you're weary of the horizontal appearance of subway tiles, try realigning your backsplash to produce a more vertical look.

  4. Make Use of Open Shelves While open shelves are not a new concept, it is projected to gain additional traction this year. Open shelving is a wonderful way to motivate yourself to simplify your kitchen design and keep only what is absolutely necessary.

  5. Hardware Should Be Replaced If you're painting a vivid, eye-catching kitchen this year, consider updating your hardware as well. Homeowners are likely to prefer bold, dramatic hardware, such as these black knobs contrast beautifully with the pristine black woodwork.

  6. Maintain a Natural Appearance Another significant trend to anticipate in cabinets this year is the revival of natural wood. While homeowners formerly disliked brown wood cabinets, an upsurge in their enjoyment of the natural design has been observed.

    If you're not ready to fully commit to a brown or wood kitchen, consider a natural wood island or a two-tone look with only the lower cabinets.

  7. Consider Including Artwork If you've never explored integrating artwork in your kitchen before, now is the moment. Expect to see more framed photographs and paintings in the kitchen. This is an excellent method to add flair to your kitchen and give it a quick makeover without having to renovate.

    If your shelf is exposed, we suggest pushing paintings up against the wall to create a more informal, relaxed atmosphere.

The Bottom Line
Consider an alternative to stainless steel if you're in the search for luxury appliances this year. We've noticed a growing number of consumers opt for colored appliances. The white refrigerator practically disappears into the cabinets in this kitchen design, creating the sense of a larger, more open space.

If you like a retro look, Kitchen Remodel Greenville styled to appear retro are available. This is an excellent method to add character to your area while maintaining the current conveniences provided by smart appliances.

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