Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Must-Haves In Greenville SC

A messy kitchen is inefficient for its purposes. To keep clutter at bay with limited spaces, homeowners can utilize items and pull off tricks for organizing kitchen items and supplies.

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Check the Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Must-Haves in Greenville SC

As one of the home’s most active spaces, kitchens can get cluttered easily. When things are out of place, the kitchen becomes an inefficient place for all its intended purposes. When you spend more time rummaging through your drawers and cabinets than preparing your meals, you need better organizing solutions. If this is the case for you, read through these organization hacks that made it to the top 5 kitchen remodeling must-haves in Greenville.

Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling In Greenville SC

1. Pull-Out Storage Baskets or Rolling Carts
Pull-out storage baskets are for you if you have deep cabinets, and reaching items from the far back takes much of your time. These make things more accessible while allowing the use of the cabinet to its fullest capacity. With these installed, taking and returning items from your cabinets will be a breeze.

Homeowners with kitchens that have narrow gaps somewhere in them can opt for rolling carts. These have tiered shelves you can pull out when you need to retrieve items in them. With wheels attached to their legs, you can easily move them around the kitchen.

2. Over-The-Door or Under-Cabinet Racks or Hooks
With these, your storage space is no longer limited to the cabinet box. Racks placed over your top cabinet doors are great for storing your spices. When placed over your lower cabinet doors, these can be used to keep your cleaning utensils or solutions. The alternative over-the-door hooks can be used to hang cups and small kitchen items.

When you no longer have space inside your cabinets, extend its storage capacity by Kitchen Install Greenville under-cabinet racks or hooks. Some kinds can be easily held in place below open shelves. More advanced under-cabinet storage solutions require drilling on the bottom edge of the cabinet you intend to install it on.

3. Turntables
Storing jars, cans, and bottles inside cabinets makes cabinets look cramped. When left on countertops or kitchen islands, though, they can be an eyesore. To access them, one item has to be taken out or moved to the available space around the area. With a turntable, you can simply rotate it to help you quickly pick what you are looking for.

4. In-Drawer Knife Blocks
Homeowners often store their knives in drawers. However, keeping them loosely in drawers can dull the blades as they inevitably knock against other utensils. In addition, leaving the blades exposed poses a threat to the safety of anyone who accesses the knife drawer. In-drawer knife blocks have angled bases and slots for storing knives. Their angled bases make it easier to grab the handle of the knife and take them out from the drawer.

5. Pegboards
Pegboards are versatile. As backsplashes, these make the kitchen look both visually pleasing and functional. Pegboards can also be used as deep drawer dividers to sort pots and pans or stack plates.

Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling In Greenville SC

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